Episode 7 - Beyond a Job: Finding Purpose and Fulfillment in Physical Therapy with Jess Jenney

In this episode of the Myofascial Health Podcast, host Unu interviews Jess Jenney, a trailblazing physical therapist who has created her own path of freedom and career success outside the traditional PT model. Jess began her career like many new grads, working long hours in an outpatient orthopedic clinic and quickly burning out.

Her partner at the time suggested trying travel physical therapy, which Jess was initially hesitant about due to the unknowns. However, the burnout from her clinic job outweighed her fears of change. Their first travel assignment was a struggle as they made many mistakes while learning the ropes. But their second assignment went much better after learning from the first experience. Jess realized the value in sharing her hard-earned knowledge to help other PTs avoid pitfalls.

She started a blog called Wanderlust PTs and found many therapists wanted advice on how to succeed at travel therapy. Over time, Jess' side business grew as she created online courses, webinars and resources. Then COVID hit in 2020 and she lost her travel job, like many PTs. Jess pivoted to teaching other therapists how to build their own online businesses through blogging, courses, webinars and more. Unu and Jess discuss the importance of finding one's "why" and purpose beyond just a job.

Jess details her process of evaluating tasks and knowing when it's time to outsource or hire help. They explore the value of failure as a learning process rather than something to fear. Jess shares how she evaluates new ideas and projects using a system to determine what holds the most opportunity, importance and urgency. She also discusses her webinars and online courses for PTs interested in travel therapy, online business building and more.