Episode 5 - Trusting Intuition: Embracing the Path to Truth and Purpose with Jeannie Doughty Miranda

Trusting Intuition: Embracing the Path to Truth and Purpose with Jeannie Doughty Miranda


*Unlocking the Hidden Realm of Energy*

Imagine sensing things about your clients that you couldn't explain. This is exactly what Jeannie, a physical therapist with almost four decades of experience, experienced firsthand. Intrigued by this mysterious phenomenon, Jeannie embarked on a journey to delve deeper into the world of energy work and intuition. In an insightful interview with Unu, Jeannie shares her remarkable experiences and sheds light on the profound impact energy and intuition can have on our lives.

*From Sensations to Awakening: Jeannie's Journey Begins*

It all started when Jeannie noticed that she could sense things about her clients that went beyond the physical realm. Determined to understand this mysterious connection, she set the intention to explore the energetic aspects of her work. This led her to the Awakening Prana energy school, where she began to unravel the secrets of energy and its profound influence on our well-being.

*Unveiling the Forgotten: The Power of Myofascial Work*

Jeannie's journey took a fascinating turn when her own past resurfaced during myofascial work on her throat. Through this therapeutic technique, she unlocked a flood of memories and regained hearing abilities that she had lost as a child. Initially overwhelming, Jeannie gradually embraced these newfound abilities after the passing of her beloved husband. It was during this painful period of grief that she heard her husband's voice clearly, leading her to understand the true potential of her intuitive gifts.

*The Many Faces of Intuition: Tapping into Our Inner Wisdom*

As Jeannie delved deeper into the world of intuition, she discovered that there are different types of intuition that each person possesses. She identified four prominent types: clairaudience (hearing), clairvoyance (seeing), clairsentience (feeling), and claircognizance (knowing). According to Jeannie, we all possess these intuitive gifts, but two of them may dominate for each individual.

*From Fears to Validation: Embracing the Power of Intuition*

Jeannie's journey of self-discovery and exploration of intuition took an unexpected turn when she started receiving vivid details of potential car crashes. Initially dismissing these fears as mere figments of her imagination, Jeannie received a powerful validation when she had a premonition about her husband's impending loss. This eye-opening experience prompted her to embrace her intuitive abilities and use them for both practical and playful purposes.

*The Heart-Centered Approach: Deepening Connections with Clients*

As a seasoned physical therapist, Jeannie understands the importance of forming deep connections with her clients. She believes that by following one's heart center in treatment, therapists can establish a profound bond with their clients. By tapping into the energetic aspects of their work, therapists like Jeannie can provide a holistic healing experience that goes beyond the physical realm.

*A Glimpse into the Afterlife: The "Shimmering" Energy of Jeannie's Husband*

One of the most profound experiences Jeannie shares is the expansion of her husband's energy after his passing. She vividly describes his energy as "shimmering" and radiating a powerful presence that transcends the physical plane. Through her intuitive gifts, Jeannie was able to connect deeply with her husband, finding solace and comfort in the eternal nature of energy.

*Finding Purpose in Healing: Illuminating the Path*

For Jeannie, the purpose of her journey lies in helping her clients heal and embrace their own inner light. Through her work, she has witnessed the incredible transformation that occurs when individuals tap into their energetic potential. Her journey, which initially revolved solely around logic and traditional physical therapy, has now expanded to encompass the "continuous connection" between the physical and energetic forms.

*A Convergence of Paths: Trusting Intuition over Logic*

During the interview, Unu shares his own mystical experiences and admits to trusting intuition over logic. Jeannie resonates with this sentiment and affirms that all paths, whether rooted in logic or intuition, can lead us to our own truth and purpose. The key, according to Jeannie, is to follow these paths consciously and with curiosity, rather than succumbing to fear.

*Embracing the Power Within: A Call to Action*

Jeannie's incredible journey serves as an inspiration to us all. It invites us to tap into the vast reservoir of energy and intuition that lies within each of us. As we explore these hidden realms, we unlock the potential for profound healing, self-discovery, and connection. Let Jeannie's story serve as a reminder that there is much more to our existence than what meets the eye, and that by embracing our intuitive gifts, we can embark on a transformative journey of self-discovery and purpose.

You can reach Jeannie at New Hope Pennsylvania with her small practice called Turning Point Therapy.
Email her at [email protected]. She is also in Instagram and facebook as Turning Points One.